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The Prophet & The Tea Podcast is hosted by Dioveris Lopez. This is a #Christian podcast intended to share revelation, testimonies, stories, and experiences to encourage you in your journey as a believer.

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Dio feat. on icuTalks Podcast Ep. 4

Hear Voices

5 minute speaker Dio Lopez sets the tone for the night with a very powerful message. her transformation from the depths of the enemies grip to walking the path of Christ is truly inspirational.

Hear Voices

Dio feat. on icuTalks Podcast Ep. 5

Kim & LJ talk with Dio Lopez, the January icuTalks 5-minute speaker. Dio experienced an incredible transformation to find God and walk the path of Christ. While her talk was 5 minutes, it set a positive inspirational tone for the night

Check out episode 80 to hear Dio read her spoken word, which ignited and inspired the evenings audience.

Dio feat. on Arise & Shine - Stories of Triumph

Rising with Dioveris Lopez - Author & Prophetic Artist

Join us as we walk through the exciting and purpose-driven evolution of Dioveris Lopez. In addition to being a mother, she has an impressive list of skills that include author, prophetic artist, and even does extraordinary makeup. Arise & Shine is also blessed to have her as a production assistant. Enjoy the conversation and share it with your friends.